Ups and Downs is a conversation-building tool featuring a naked (and very pink!) little fellow who lives the whole gamut of our emotions. Out on the water, he faces the immensity of life from an absurdly inadequate vessel, a bathtub. Ironically, it’s this very absurdity that gives the images their resonance. For when we are as naked and vulnerable as ‘every person’, it is often then that we discover surprising strengths within ourselves.

This card set can be used reflectively to survey and review our own personal journeys. It is ideal for therapeutic conversations about coping with change, choices and how we might hold on to clarity and hope when the fog descends.


These cards can also be used for a range of fun and informal activities including icebreakers or as a stimulus for creative writing. Use them at a staff meeting to clarify where everyone is at. Use them in a supervision or mentoring scenario to talk about achievements and challenges. Highly appealing to people of all ages, the cards are also ideal for men and boys.


Includes: 54 full-colour laminated cards (95 x 135mm), 30-page booklet of suggested activities, and polypropylene box.

Ups and Downs

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