Entrepreneurship Education


Entrepreneurship refers to an individual's ability to turn ideas into action and is therefore a key competence for all, helping young people to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake.


It is also about the application of those skills and attitudes which can take many forms during an individual's career, creating a range of long-term benefits to society and the economy.


Certainly, the earlier and more widespead the exposure to entrepreneurship and innovation, the more likely students will become entrepreneurial, in one form or another, at some stage in their lives.


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LOVEFAITHOPE partners with schools and the community in a year-long programme where students will be engaged in hands-on projects which typically involve technology to come up with innovative solutions to social problems.


Students will learn first-hand about Social Technopreneurship, and develop qualities and skills-set essential to be a Student Technopreneur.


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